Art & Photographs

The following are collections of artwork and photos, past and present.

Frontier Publishing Covers

Frontier Publishing Covers

Cover designs from the now-defunct Frontier Publishing and beyond.

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Deconstruction By Numbers Thumbnail

Deconstruction By Numbers

This is my most personal work to date. Inspired by a challenging period in my life, it reflects upon my experiences of the time and the lessons learned from them. The actual events are no longer significant; the ideas they left behind are.

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Black & Whites Thumbnail

Black & Whites

A series of photos shot in November 2002. Photos were shot with a then-brand-new Canon Powershot G2.

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Ice & Snow Thumbnail

Ice & Snow

A look at the understated beauty of Winter.

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Nocturnes Thumbnail


noc-turne, nok'turn, n. [Fr.]
Mus. a dreamy or pensive composition, variable in form; a serenade concerning the night.
Paint. a work depicting a night scene.

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