November 29, 2005

Hell’s Own

Hell's Own

This is one that got away. Hell’s Own is a zombie-western novella by Russ Anderson that was slated to be published on Frontier, but didn’t make it up before the site folded. Russ is publishing the story this week on his site.

Cover art is by Patrick Stacy, with logo and heavy design liberties by me. I worked up the design over the long Thanksgiving weekend when not shuttling back and forth from Bazaar Bizarre. The cover is included with all my other Frontier work for completeness’ sake.

Think of this as the calm before the storm, as I dive headfirst into several large-scale projects that I can’t really discuss just yet (but include some graphic design, some fine art, a couple print covers, and a full-length graphic novel with Mike McGee). 2006 is going to be busy.

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