September 26, 2005

Hey! What happened to half the entries?

As I redesign the site, I feel I need to re-focus its direction towards all things art that I do. So all the stuff that doesn’t fit that has moved to a new (kind of new) home,

So why Blogger?

I like the idea of using a space that’s just for pure writing, just taking somebody else’s hosting space and template and rolling with it. I tried briefly to set up such a thing on this very site, using one of the generic Movable Type 3.2. Sadly, I quickly discovered that the templates were poorly tested and the documentation non-existent. I also like Blogger’s generic templates better. So for the sake of getting up and running quickly, Blogger was the best choice. I considered WordPress for a moment, but I really hate the administrative interface.

But you hardly ever post anyway! So what?

I’ve actually censored myself on many occasions, just based on what I felt would and wouldn’t be appropriate for a blog about art. By giving myself a blog-for-blog’s-sake, I can pretty much write about anything I want. Which gives me more opportunities to write and rant and rant and write.

Whenever I post an entry on this site, it’ll probably be related to one of my projects, or an important announcement, like this one or the previous post. Or sometimes I’ll just post a picture.

So why keep Movable Type if it sucks?

The custom templates I use for this site work well, and I do still like MT’s admin interface. But I will be keeping an eye on systems like WordPress and TextPattern as they mature to see if it makes sense to switch.

But for now, I’ll just keep working on the re-design.

And hey, check it: two entries in one day(!).

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