May 09, 2005

Dillon Draw-Off

Dillon, by Alex Kosakowski

Frontier editor Mike Exner III initiated a Dillon draw-off last week on the Digital Webbing Message Boards.

From the post:

“Frontier Publishing Presents #1 has just released, and to keep the excitement over the project brewing, Mike Exner III has asked for a draw-off featuring Dillon, the main character from the story “Dillon and the Escape from Tosegio”. Dillon is a cross between Indiana Jones, Vin Diesel, and Doc Savage! Alex Kosakowski’s art is the standard for Dillon, and you can see the reference art below.” Any Media. Deadline, is May 15th Midnight Eastern.

Dillon was created by Derrick Ferguson and appears in Frontier Publishing Presents #1, the novel Dillon and the Voice of Odin (both available from the Frontier Store), and the online serialized novel, Dillon and the legend of the Golden Bell.

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