March 21, 2004


This is the first post on the site, and honestly, I have no idea what to say.

Okay, let’s try this again.

Welcome (or welcome back) to Red Never Art & Design.

Uh … yeah … um … why did I think having a blog on the site was a good idea?

Anyway, the site’s been redesigned with an eye for adhering to web standards, and it was actually just a bit more difficult that I first though. No more Flash content or nested tables or single-pixel gifs, just the stylesheet from Hell and a bunch of Movable Type templates.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy the art & photos. There are more on the way once I catch my breath here.

I’m also doing some covers for Frontier Publishing. Frontier Publishing is a site featuring up-and-coming writers, specializing in science fiction, crime fiction and other genres.

Things aren’t quite done yet. I’ve still got some things to implement on the site, so I apologize in advance if your browser stumbles on some awkward code. If you do find things not rendering properly, I’d greatly appreciate if you could drop me a line so I can correct it. I’ve tested the site in all the major Mac browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Camino, FireFox and OmniWeb), as well as Internet Explorer 6, Opera and Mozilla on Windows XP. So if you’re using something not listed that was released in this century, I’d like to know if you’re experiencing any problems.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new site. Next time I’ll think of something to say.

Posted by tjakab at March 21, 2004 12:13 AM

well, well, well…look who’s back from the dead. wonderful to see you’ve returned in such fine form.

look forward to seeing more.

Posted by: thepod at March 21, 2004 01:05 AM

simply brilliant, as most things you do are…

Posted by: bitter-girl at March 22, 2004 09:06 PM